TOS ACADEMY  ( Trinity of sailing )

TOS Academy is established with its own experienced skippers to train and teach basics of sailing who are interested in Sailing Sports and make them ready to sail a sailing boat after a serial education program.

All our skippers are truly sailors, know area deeply and living on their own boat for many years.

As all boats are our own boats, regular maintenance and technical equipments are full.




Trinity of Sailing

  • Cast off

  • Cruise

  • All Fast 

  • There are 3 basic action for Sea Vehicles
  • Each 3 action have their own principals and rules.
  • The students who are interested in learning Sailing Sport will take courses from experienced skippers and make physical practices during sailing. These courses will keep its discipline but also students will experience holiday mood after courses.
  • Aim of these courses to improve students ability of sail based on Trinity of Sailing philosophy.
  • During process of training , each student will experience physical practices separately and make sure them learn without doubt.
  • For each training session mix 4 students will be excepted.
  • TOS Academy is not giving an official documentation.

Details of Sailing Courses

  • Boat General Brief

  • Sea Life Ethics
  • Boat Rules
  • Boat Equipment
  • Safety Equipment
  • Toilet system and Bilge
  • Ropes
  • Marine Rope Knots
  • Rope Cars
  • Main Sail and Genoa
  • Electric and Battery System
  • Interior and Exterior Hardware


  • Cast off

  • Stow the boat
  • Navigation and Rudder preparations
  • Wind Check
  • Control of Crew Safety
  • Crew work sharing
  • Marine traffic control


  • Cruise

  • Find direction on navigation system
  • Auto Pilot
  • Set the course
  • Maritime Traffic Rules
  • Steer the Helm
  • Define the sailing
  • Wind Side
Close reach
Broad reach
  • Set Main Sheet and Genoa accordingly sailing type
  • Safety rules during sail
  • Man overboard practices
  • Closed down the Genoa and Main Sheet
Williamson turn
Andersen turn


  • All Fast

  • Berthing Preparations
  • Rope and fender preparations
  • Berthing types:
  • Abreast
  • Approach to pier with mooring rope
  • Alongside berthing  – port & starboard
  • Stern-to with anchor
  • Stand aloof from with mooring rope or anchor
  • Safety measures after Berthing
  • Supply fuel & fresh water and  disposal of bilge water


TOS Training Programs

  • 1 Week TOS Training

Check in Saturday 10:00 am

Check out Saturday 15:00 pm

Fethiye Ece Saray Marine

(If needed students can be picked up from Sarsala Bay , 15 mins far from Dalaman Airport)

Max 4 Students – 1 Min Students

(master cabin stay will be by lot)


  • Weekend TOS Training

Check in Friday 18:00 or late

Check out Saturday 18:00 pm

Fethiye Ece Saray Marine

(If needed students can be picked up from Sarsala Bay , 15 mins far from Dalaman Airport)

Max 4 Students – 1 Min Students

(master cabin stay will be by lot)


  • Partial TOS Training

3*3 Days = Total 9 Days

3 days 2 nights

Check in and check out days will be planned accordingly students

Min 3 Students

Fethiye Ece Saray Marine

1st Period : Basics and TOS practices

2nd Period : Sailing practices

3rd Period: All TOS and Sailing Practices will be done by students


  • Daily TOS Training

Fethiye Ece Saray Marine

Check In : 10:00 am

11:00 am leaving Marine

11:00 am 15:00 pm Cruise and Sailing Practices

Participants will bring their snacks.

Hot and soft drinks are available on boat.


Courses will include ; Training , Fuel, Cleaning , Transit Log, Dinghy and all equipment. ( Food and Drinks not included )


[email protected]

Esra Oustouner: 0090 549 550 50 63