Captain LANA
Captain LANA

Svetlana Yudina. Sails Turkish and Greek waters for the last five years. Storyteller, passionate traveller, loves to explore hidden gems with her guests.

Lives on her little boat called Amiga.

Ramazan Cetin
Captain of ECE BERRAK

Ramazan was born in 1996 has grown up in Turgutköy, Marmaris. Turgutköy is a small fishing and beekeeping village with a passion fishing and sailing. He has been working with us since his early age, started as a sailor on M/S UGUR 2005(31m) and M/S Berrak Su (33m).
Having been as a Captain 200gr STCW in the eastern Mediterranean and Aegean waters for the last 2 years on M/S Ece Berrak (33m).
He speaks English and studied at the Ege University in İzmir with qualifications on furniture and interior decoration. He is a kind person and having a responsible nature .His passion yachting and sea.

Captain Halil Sinmaz – Gulet UGUR
Captain of UGUR

Halil was born in 1971 in İzmir’s Menderes district, which is one of the attraction centers of tourism.

After studying primary school and college in Izmir, he started his career first as a sailor on blue cruise boats in Bodrum.

Halil holds Captain 500gr STCW license and sailed all around Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian Seas as a sailor and captain in 25 years of experience in yachting sector.

He speaks English and joined us as the captain of UGUR 2005 and has been working continuously for the last 9 years.

He is meticulous and passionate about his work. He always received thanks and repetitive returns from the guests.

Hasan Captain
Captain of LAPIN

Hasan Captain is a sailor for 30 years. His discipline and experience come from his management experience.

At the same time, his fun and cheerful personality make guest’s holidays memorable.

Ayhan Captain
Captain and owner of TANSA

Ayhan captain is the owner of Tansa Boat.
He is cruising in Lycian Bays for 20 years. As an experienced seaman and ready for his guests all needs.

Berkay Captain
Captain and Owner of Hatteras 45

Berkay captain is the owner of Haziran Motor Yacht
Our captain accompanies his wife to the trips for the guest’s comfort and service.

Osman Guzel
Cheff of UGUR

Osman was born in 1978 in Şanlı Urfa, where Göbekli Tepe is located known has an ancient Temple is on the UNESCO world heritage list.
After his collage he moved to Dalyan to work in tourism sector and restaurants and by the time has been the owner of a traditional Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine restaurant for 8 years in Dalyan (Caunos) where the sea turtles (called “Caretta-Caretta”) lay their eggs.
He has been working with us for the last 5 years and has deckhand STCW.
His passion is cooking and he loves music and movies also can surprise you at any moment with his dishes like a magician. He always has a kind and smiling personality.

Ebru Bayrak

Atom ant, She has managed foreign charter companies for 12 years, Speak English – Russian – German, Wide charter business network in Fethiye – Gocek, She is our Maestro…

Varol Kose
Captain of MAYLA

After he worked the Media sector for 25 years, he set up Lycian Sail, 15 years Navigate experience, ADB – KMT licence, Owner of a sailing boat and charter experience for 6 years, Has Diving parachute and Paragliding certificate.

Ali Cetinkaya

Ali was born in 1977 in İzmir grew up in a farm and moved to Bodrum in his early age to work as sailor.
Ali has been in the Charter sector for 20 years, have been worked on M/S Perla Del Mar (36m), M/S Cevri Hasan 4(25m). Have been joined on M/S Ece Berrak in 2021 and passion with cooking.

Grand ACAR Team

Grand ACAR Team

Serkan Captain
Captain of MOANNA

Professional Captain

Captain has a huge experience in big boats for many years in Istanbul.

After that, he had his own sailing boat in Fethiye and make his dreams real as a captain in his boat.

Themelina Voutsi
Captain of VGO

Captain Themelina and her Crew share a unique passing for sailing and hospitality in Dodecanese Coats. She and her crew’s attention to detail are tailored to your specific preferences. A worldwide known Chef of VGO is ready to serve his delicious food with various menu options.

Suleyman Kivrak
Captain Cheff of MAI

Chef on the Board !!!

Our Skipper is famous for its delicious meals.
Just enjoy your trip each night with great food at different bays. He can create a very special regional menu with delicious sauces.
Opportunity to have sailing courses during your journey.

Esra Oustouner
Marketing Director | Captain

Bogazici University – Management, Marketing Communications / Master Degree, 15 years Licensing experience, Also Transformational Breath Coach, ADB – KMT license, Captain

Togan Kose
Intern Captain Togan

He continues his University education in Marketing. He is a sports lover and goalkeeper on the school team. A shinning sailor star is coming…

Nuri – Airport Transfer
VIP Transfer

We have 3 VIP Vans for your transfers
All drivers are so kind and help full
Our vans have AC + wifi-free

Erol Akyigit
The Master of AVARA

He is an old white-collar, Sea lover, Original pirate explorer, Living on the sea for more than 12 years, Educated hundred of sailors with his eminent personality, STCW Certificate, ADB – KMT license

Erkal Sengun
Cheff of BERRAK SU

Erkal was born in 1990, grew up and studied in Marmaris. He started working in restaurants at his early ages; he has 12 years of experience in the charter sector and has been joined at M/S Berrak Su for the last 3 years.
Erkal is passionate about Turkish, Mediterranean, Mexican and Italian cuisine, hardworking, gentleman, sympathetic and also a master sailor. He is always energetic and smiling person.

Yavuz Captain
Captain of Hassay

Yavuz Captain and his crew are very young but they know very well Lycian coast

Zafer Uyumez
Captain of Derin

Zafer Captan has been PT and professional diver for many years in Istanbul. His passion for sea and sailing brought him to Fethiye and took his sailing courses from Lycian Sail TOS Academy. Now he has his own boat and in our team. We are so proud of his success and being in our team.
Anadolu University Sports 2004-2009
CMAS Scuba diving instructor 2 stars
Professional Diver – Industrial Diver

Captain Ferdi
Captain of BELLA

Ferdi Captain is sailor from childhood and has professional yacht captain licence for 13 years. He has a deep knowledge and experience about Marmaris – Bodrum -Gocek -Fehiye Bays.
He is the captain of Bella for 6 years.

Ata Goksel
Technical Manager | Captain

He worked for foreign sailing companies as a Captain, Technical Manager, Survey of sailing boat for more than 15 years, A superman who can do anything regarding sailing accoutred.

Yusuf Cetin
Captain of BERRAK SU

Yusuf was born in 1977 in İzmir grew and study there.
Yusuf holds Captain 500gr STCW license and sailed all around Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian Seas as a sailor and captain in 26 years of experience in yachting sector.
After working as a sailor in the blue voyage sector for 11 years on M/S Levent Kaptan (28m), as a captain on M/S Princess Karia (1 and 2) for 4 years. He joined us after working as a project manager in M/S yacht (46 m) construction in Istanbul for 2 years.
He loves the sea and reading and has been the captain of M/S Berrak Su (33m) for last 11 years.

Kosmas Dimitrios Georgios
Captain of NORTHWIND

Captain Kosmas and his Crew are so experienced in the Dodecanese Area for 5 years. He has a certificate from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy Seafarer Training Directorate. Northwind Chef’s menu is offering the best Greek seafood and traditional meals during your vacation.

Adnan Kara
Captain of SUSESI

He was born in Fethiye, Has 15 years of experience in Gulet’s management, His father and grandfather were also Gulet captains so he comes from a sailor family, ADB – KMT – STWC certificate